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Premium Terry Bath Robe For Women

Premium Terry Bath Robe For Women

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Convenience: Bathrobes are much easier to wear and wrap around the body than towels, making them more convenient to use, especially when getting out of the shower or bath.

Warmth: Bathrobes are designed to keep the body warm and cozy, making them perfect for use during colder months.

Comfort: Bathrobes are made of soft and plush materials like cotton or microfiber, which make them much more comfortable than towels. They also offer better coverage than towels, so you won't have to worry about accidentally exposing yourself.

Versatility: Bathrobes can be used for various purposes beyond drying off after a bath or shower. They can be worn while lounging around the house, getting ready in the morning, or even as a cover-up at the beach or pool.

Durability: Bathrobes are typically made of high-quality materials that can withstand frequent washing and use, making them a durable and long-lasting investment.

Overall, bathrobes offer a more comfortable, convenient, and versatile alternative to traditional towels, making them an excellent addition to any household.

Size and Material

One Size which can fit from M-Size to XL-Size.

Material -Terry Cotton with polyester blend.


1. length of bathrobe is 40 inches that is knee length.

2. Chest size can fit up-to 42 inch bust size as its free size bathrobe.

3. Short sleeves.

Care Instruction

Do not Iron.

Shipping & Return

7 day return applicable in case of manufacturing defect.

Track Order

4-5 Day Delivery

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  • Loved The Comfort


    Really loved this terry bathrobe.

  • Best Gift From Husband

    this was the best gift from my husband on my ❤️‍🔥anniversary.

  • Looking Stunning

    nice product for some 💋nice moments💋 with my boyfriend.

  • Best Nightwear😎

    Really easy to wear this a nightwear due to front opening.

  • 🤌Relaxing Fit🤌

    its free size but have nice fitting

  • Getting Ready💄

    used this bathrobe for make up before getting into final outfit